• On August 31, 1986, Flight 498 descended into Los Angeles area. Minutes before, a Piper PA-28-181 Archer departed Torrance Municipal Airport bounf for Big Bear. At 11:52am, the Piper collied with the left horizontal stabilizer of the DC-9.

    The DC-9 inverted and fell to the earth in the residential neighborhood of Cerritos killing 15 on the ground and all the 64 passengers and crew, as well as destroying five homes and damaging seven others. A fire sparked by the crash contributed significantly to the damage.

    Federal Aviation officials suggested that a combination of human errors could have caused the midair collision, the official said than an air traffic controller on the ground may have failed to notice them. Air controller´s name: WALTER WHITE!!

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    • LOL but the air controller's is the father of jane not walter LOLOLOLOL ~~(8:>

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    • Un usuario de FANDOM
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